The Earth Will Go On
by Sam M. Phillips

I’m in a rut,
Butt up against side,
A place to hide,
But there’s no one to confide in here,
I steer clear of other humans,
Dangerous creatures,
Snarling features,
Frankenstein sutures,
All our futures bleak,
We try to tweak reality,
To avoid calamity,
But our finality
Is a forgone conclusion,
We poison our well in confusion.

Cold fusion,
Fission vision,
Wisdom lost,
Cost of greed,
Our desire to feed
Our base needs,
The seeds of our deaths are planted,
I’ve ranted on this before,
No more do I hope to change,
I just find a way to cope as we rearrange
And try new way,
We slay ourselves regardless.

I detest my species,
Faeces gathers,
Slathers the surface,
Furnace burns,
Planet turns,
It yearns to shrug us off,
Scoff at our thoughts of superiority,
Our society a dying husk,
We must realise this,
But we idealise bliss,
And miss so much,
Such is ignorance,
It gives us no chance,
A death dance,
We fall in line,
Stall for time
To undo crime,
But we can’t unmake the slime.

I pine for a fresh start,
My heart desires
To expose the liars,
Every single human,
The Earth will subsume them,
Refuse them
When they’ve gone too far,
The scar has become too deep,
We don’t keep our own cage clean,
In a rage I scream,
But no matter,
The Earth will shatter
The spine of our civilisation,
Only then will we have the realisation
That we can’t poison the Earth,
We can only destroy our own birth,
The Earth will go on
And sing some different song
Without us.


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